Powder for a Periwig goes to Press

Native Americans

I am delighted to announce that my short story Powder for a Periwig is now published in Millhaven’s Tales of Adventure.

Millhaven Tales is back with a new volume of action-packed adventure tales for the winter. Inside you will find nine thrilling adventures which not only cross continents, but cross time as well. These tales span time from the “Dawn of Reason” through modern times…Not only are these tales full of adventure, but they are filled with interesting characters and exotic locales. The stories inside are each unique, but all have that interesting take on the genre which Millhaven Press is known for. You never quite know what you are getting yourself into when you pick up a Millhaven release, so sit back and enjoy the ride… Buy now on Amazon

And one lovely customer gave this five star review, and singles Powder for a Periwig out for praise! And no, I didn’t write it!

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